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Social Impact Statements

1 - We have an average of 101 youths making use of our Centre everyday, Monday to Saturday.

2- We provide educational resources to over 1338 youths annually in the community.

3- We have equipped 315 youths with employability skills through our Youth Employability Program

4- We have equipped over 600 students with leadership skills through our Youth Leadership Masterclass.

5- Over 200 youths have passed through our counselling sessions.

6- We are contributing to the well being of over 430 youths through the Centre Health and Fitness Programs.

7- 350 youths are always productively and educationally engaged for six weeks annually through our Summer Holiday Program.

8- We have over 60 YRC Ambassadors in tertiary institutions both in Nigeria and overseas.

9- Supported 3 local school libraries with book donations

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