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Welcome to our community youth haven, welcome to YRC!

 The Centre is an integrated one-stop Centre that provides a wide range of social, health, education, employment and life skills services to youths of the community. It is established to provide empowerment through the sharing of information and knowledge.

Our Mission

Provide a resource haven for young people where they can be inspired to become creatives, solution providers, leaders and role models in the society.

Inspiring youths

Our Vision

The Youth Resource Centre operates on 5 Focus Areas - Resource library, Youth Development, Creativity & Art, Health & Fitness and Youth Counseling. All our activities and events are designed around these focused areas. 

A short video on the Official Opening Ceremony of the Youth Resource Centre, Bonny Island.

Go through our exciting event and programs' magazine Prodigies to see what has been happening at the Centre. Click to see the various editions: Issue 1: Issue 2: Issue 3; Issue 4

For details on our events and programs visit our social media Activity Page - Click here

The first YRC documentary 

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