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The Centre is Open every day, Monday to Saturday with the Resource Library available to the youths. Below are a List of youth-oriented clubs we have at the Centre and some of our major programs:


Youth Festive of Life

This is a two-day education festival aimed at providing students of the various secondary schools and youths on the island a platform to showcase their creative acts and abilities through Science Innovations, School Choir renditions, Cultural presentations, Poems, Arts & Crafts, Drama, etc.

Youth Employability Program

The program is designed to help prepare our youths for the challenges of getting a job in today’s competitive labour market. The program offers training geared towards helping young people develop their employability skills.

Annual Spelling Bee Competition

This competition is aimed at improving students’ spelling, vocabularies and developing correct use of English. This also provides an opportunity for them to develop healthy competitive skills, improve their self-esteem and creates pride in academic achievements.

Summer Holiday Program

This is an annual program designed to engage students throughout the long holiday period. Resource persons are invited to lecture and coach them on various topics centered around career development, positive habits, health tips etc.

Youth Leadership Master-Class

We are passionate about teaching young people leadership at the Centre. We run this masterclass for school prefect as they commence their leadership journey in school. It is often their first introduction to Leadership courses. 

Youth-Oriented Centre Programs and Clubs

Teens Business School 

A curriculum program for young entrepreneurs designed after a regular business school. The program runs every six months per cohort.

Bonny Digital Literacy Program

This is a new initiative to start teaching teenagers coding, UI/UX, data analytics and robotics on the Island. The program runs every six months per cohort.


Teens Club

The is where teenagers meet every Friday to talk about life issues that concern their growing up. Here they are themselves! Sharing experiences and lessons learned. It is always an exciting connect. There are varieties of activities that they participating in at Teens Club, these include Video sessions, plenaries, discussion classes, mentoring sessions and games.


Maths and Motivation Classes

This is a volunteer lead class for teens that have challenges in learning mathematics in school. The Tutor spends time in taking them through the fundamentals on mathematics every Saturday at the Centre, explaining and providing guidance as they learn.



Bookish and Proud (Readers Club)

The is our Readers Club. Teens in this club meet weekly for a Book Review. Led by the Centre Staff, a book is selected for review and the team meets every week to discuss the chapter they had read.


YRC Play House & Music Club

This is the creative troupe. Teens and young adults that are interested in acting and music meet here to sharping their skills in the creative arts.


Pre-teens Club

The Centre has a place for the younger ones under the ages of 12! On Saturdays at 12noon we have the Pre-Teens Club where we engaged the kids with all sort of creative activities based on a planned curriculum for the year. The are involved in reading, arts and crafts, open discussions and mentoring sessions.


Ladies Time-out

This is an exclusive session for our young ladies. At Ladies-Time Out the Centre engages the services of seasoned women mentors in the community to share their life stories with the girls. It is always an opportunity to learned from older women who had experienced all the same challenges that they are faced with today. The aim is to help groom our young ladies to become better citizens in our society.

Erudite Clan (Spoken Word Poets)

For teenagers passionate about Spoken Word Poetry, this is their connect. The clan meets every week to share ideas and thoughts on poetry. Here they challenge each other to come up with rhythms and poetic lines that are not just inspirational but also educative. 

Annual Event; February every year

April, July and October every year

Annual Event, July every year

Annual Event: August every year

May, November every year

Every  Saturday of the month

Every  Saturday of the month

Every Friday

Every Saturday

Every Tuesday

Every Saturday

Every Saturday after Pre-Teens Club

Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month

Every Tuesday

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