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The Centre

An integrated one-stop Centre that provides a wide range of social, health, education, employment and life skills services to youths of the community. It was established to provide empowerment through the sharing of information and knowledge.

The Centre provides a walk-in youth friendly environment to allow youths access a range of referrals and information services for free as well as a safe and encouraging environment for our youth to explore their full potential.

The Centre supports opportunities for youth to develop their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement, leadership, friendship, and self-recognition.

The Centre offers organized instructional programs for physical activities such as dance, and aerobics; and for academic and arts programs such as science, crafts, and theater. It also offers opportunities for unstructured activities such as game playing, socializing, club meetings, and outdoor play.

While unstructured activities are an essential part of a Youth Resource Center, it is a staffed facility thus control and supervision are critical elements. Safety is also of paramount importance at the Centre.

The Centre is equipped with a Resource room with over 4000 books, publications and articles. We have books in various school subjects (sciences, arts, commercial) career and personal development, finance, relationships, marriage, sexual education, Christian literature etc.

We also have prospectus and fliers from various universities around the globe. Our target is to introduce youths in the community to the world of opportunities out there with regards to schooling and various trainings. We also keep a database of scholarships around the world.


The Centre provides a very conducive atmosphere for studying. The Study rooms are fully air-conditioned and made comfortable with very low noise level for full concentration. The study area can accommodate 50 students. .

An average of 120 students use of the facilities daily with peaks at 280 youths during the holidays. The Centre is also equipped with a Computer Resource Room with 34 desktops to teach our youths basic computer appreciation and also expose them to the Computer-based university entrance examination conducted by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board


There is also the Creative room for group work, team exercises and games. There is also the Audio-visual room for meetings, video-conferencing, webinars and other audio-visual requirements such as watching movies.

The Resource Library


The Study Areas


The Computer Room


The Creativity Room

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